Finished concrete home

Concrete home construction


Above grade concrete wall animation

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1. After creating a reinforced structural concrete slab foundation for the home, aluminum forms (8-foot plus tall) are erected creating 4-inch reinforced concrete walls with 2 inches of insulation on the exterior and 6-inch concrete floors/ceilings.

2. Electrical boxes, conduit, plumbing, and mechanical sleeves are cast in place.
Concrete home construction process - placing plumbing and electrical

3. Concrete is poured into the wall and deck forms. In just one day, the reinforced concrete is sufficiently cured and forms are removed. Work begins on the second level if a two-story structure. Walls, ceilings, and stairs are placed monolithically.

Concrete contractors finishing interior concrete walls

4. Because the finished interior concrete walls and ceilings are so flat and smooth, drywall is not needed. Walls and ceilings are plastered, sanded, and painted.
Concrete home construction process - setting concrete formsConcrete home construction process - setting concrete forms

Builders pouring concrete to form concrete floor of houseBuilders pouring concrete to form concrete floor of house

Finished concrete home exterior with insulation
5. The exterior can be finished with stucco, brick, siding, or other materials. The roof is conventionally framed of lumber or steel atop the concrete deck that forms the first or second level's ceiling. This allows architectural flexibility in roof design while keeping the wood or steel used for the roof framing outside the home's fire-resistant thermal concrete envelope.