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Safe Haven can build a home in almost any architectural style you choose - whether you prefer traditional or contemporary, one story or two, and single or multifamily home. Once the exterior walls are cast, they can be covered in any of a wide range of attractive, low-maintenance materials, including stucco, cultured brick or stone, and siding. The roof is conventionally framed of lumber or steel atop the concrete deck that forms the first or second level's ceiling, allowing for architectural flexibility in roof design, while keeping the wood or steel used for the roof framing outside the home's fire-resistant thermal concrete envelope.

Finished concrete houseFinished concrete house

Finished concrete home interior

Inside, plaster-finished walls with built-in crown moldings, along with floor coverings that include carpeting, tile, hardwood and laminate, add distinction to the finished appearance of your home. Because the finished interior concrete walls and ceilings are so flat and smooth, drywall is not needed.

Both inside and out, your concrete home will be indistinguishable from any well-designed and well-built home erected by other methods. It’s said that untrained observers can’t tell they’re looking at a concrete home until they bump into a wall and feel how solid it is.

Finished concrete home interiorFinished concrete home interior

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